Secure Investigation is a premier investigations company with a global network of elite investigators and security professionals comprised predominantly of former Special Agents of the FBI with years of experience from street agent to national program management. We quickly respond and protect individuals and entities worldwide.

SECURE INVESTIGATION is committed to using its expertise to provide high quality services to clients who find themselves in need of our services because Truth Matters.

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executive protection,

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What’s Unique About Secure Investigation?

We are an elite team of former FBI Special Agents – years of experience from street agent to national program management.

Outstanding communication strategies through our carries and build rapport with people in all walks of live.

Interviewing people from all walks of life. – People talk to us!!

Over the years, we have carefully cultivated a network of highly-skilled professionals that can be called into action quickly and efficiently. With this team of affiliates in the United States and abroad, Secure Investigation can quickly assemble response teams for matters requiring timely action.


Now SECURE INVESTIGATION puts its knowledge to work for you - whether a law firm, public or private company, individual, community, private interest group, or nongovernmental organization that needs investigation services, executive protection, security consulting, or training.