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Charles Beaudoin


  • Retired Supervisory Special Agent
    with 21 years of service to the FBI.
  • Supervised a team of FBI Special Agents and NYPD Detectives.
  • For 10 years he was a member of the elite FBI Scuba Team. This included:
    • Conducted underwater searches for evidence.
    • Assigned to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta to assist in underwater safety.
    • Conducted underwater evidence recovery at the TWA Flight 800 crash site.
  • FBI Hostage Negotiator
    • Responded to numerous hostage negotiation incidents
    • Taught hostage negotiations to other law enforcement officers. 
    • Successfully negotiated the release of an American Citizen who was held as a hostage.
  • Coordinated the supervision of the midnight shift of the Lead Assignment Command Post where 600 investigators were dispatched to cover the hundreds of leads that were received daily in the aftermath 09/11/01.
  • Charlie Beaudoin has traveled to 3 continents on official business for the FBI and has established a global network of contacts to rely on.

Jane Mason


  • Retired Special Agent, a distinguished criminal investigator, with 28 years of service to the FBI.
  • FBI expert interviewer investigating hundreds of cases involving environmental crime, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, antitrust, and fraud against the government. 
  • For 18 years she was an FBI forensic evidence specialist at hundreds of crime scenes of local, national, and international scope. This included:
    • Collected evidence and human remains for nine months following the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.
    • Prosecuted the owners and managers of a PCB disposal company in Holden, Missouri that illegally disposed of PCB waste. 
    • Executed a search warrant lasting 25 days that involved digging in a residential neighborhood to extract asbestos buried by the defendants. 

  • Since her retirement in 2014 she founded and operated Mason PI, an investigative company.
  • Jane Mason is driven by a passion for solving large-scale and small-scale cases. She has the skill-set and resources to find the answers to the problems at hand. She is absolutely relentless until she gets the answers to those problems.




Was founded by former Special Agents of the FBI, is a premier INVESTIGATION company with a global network of elite INVESTIGATION and security professionals. Our INVESTIGATION partners are comprised predominantly of Special Agents of the FBI who have years of experience from street agent to national program management.

  • Our professionals have conducted numerous large-scale, complex INVESTIGATION; possess a thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence, laws, and decisions relating to search, seizure and arrest; and possess extensive experience in interviewing witnesses, collecting and analyzing documentary and forensic evidence and conducting surveillance and covert operations.
  • Our team has extensive experience in planning, executing and supervising INVESTIGATION nationwide in scope and character that often involved highly sensitive issues and working and negotiating with high level government officials.