If you tell the truth
you don’t have to remember anything.
— Mark Twain



How does we locate witnesses?

  • Access to resources and proprietary databases with thousands or records for locating witnesses
  • International network of associates working together to locate witnesses
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing individuals who know the whereabouts of the sought after witness

Interview the Witness

  • Develop rapport
  • Extract information
  • Prepare reports suitable for use in all types of cases including civil or criminal INVESTIGATION

Our team developed an expertise in interviewing witnesses during their decades conducting successful criminal INVESTIGATION. Success cannot happen unless the INVESTIGATION has the ability to talk to people. A case cannot be successfully concluded unless you have a witness to tell you what happened. We strive to find the “smoking gun” so the case can move forward successfully in court and so justice will be served.

In a very simple example, say you have discovered the ransom note at the scene of a bank robbery. In court, a ransom note is entered into evidence through a witness who is able to verify its authenticity. Court proceedings will require the bank teller, the other bank employees, customers, security guards, or other people who can testify and explain to the jury what they heard or saw related to the ransom note. Without a witness, your evidence can’t complete the case.

A comprehensive report is prepared after the interview of each witness -- for case use or submission to court, in civil or criminal INVESTIGATION.